Meet The Band!

Jim Slick

Live:  Lead and Rhythm Guitar / Vocals
Studio:  Guitars, Vocals, Bass, Keyboards, Drums as well as engineering and mastering.

Jim Slick’s (yes, Slick is his real last name) musical background in Pennsylvania and New Jersey is quite extensive. Jim has performed with some of the biggest local bands (in the Lehigh Valley and New Jersey) back in the 80’s, 90’s, and 00’s and has opened for bands such as Boston, Zebra, and Nazareth, just to name a few. His largest gig was with his last band, Zuka (ASi Music), at the Meadowlands in New Jersey playing to 27,000 plus!

Zuka was a major project since 1999. The band’s originals have been played in rotation on over 160 radio stations on the East coast. They were featured in many national and international music magazines as well as had press coverage from folks like Bob Ludwig (who did the mastering on our last CD) in which he stated Jim’s lead work was the highlight of the CD. Many folks at WZZO in Allentown were/are fans of Zuka and they have featured us many times on that station. Zuka was their guest at Musikfest three years in a row with ‘The Bearman’ sitting just off to Jim’s side of the stage .. he liked good lead work as well, or so he said!

Jim has also done a ton of studio work for people as a hired lead guitarist, pianist, and even played accordion on a few songs! He’s worked with pro / studio musicians out of Nashville, NYC, and Philly over the years.

Jim was classically trained on piano starting at the age of five. His passion for music drove him to learn different instruments, accordion (formal training), bass, drums (t0 a degree) and, needless to say, guitar.  Jim was accepted into Berkley as a junior in high school, but never ended up there due to family conflict.  Inspired back in the 70’s by Buck Dharma of Blue Oyster Cult and Rick Emmett of Triumph, Jim quickly learned the styles of both masters and was playing in local bands at the age 16.

Jim’s style is probably described as a mix of Satriani meets Montrose meets Dharma meets Emmett meets Lifeson meets Petrucci meets Sykes …… well, you get the idea. He’s pulled a myriad of styles from dozens of players that he is a fan of and made a style quite his own. His passion for the instrument and music continues to grow stronger by the day.

Charles Cole

Live: Lead and Rhythm Guitar

Charlie is a huge Ted Nugent fan and is heavily influenced by Ted’s unique style.  His passion for guitar and music is as strong as any out there.  Charlie has played locally for many years and is a veteran of the stage.

Andrew Slick

Live:  Guitar / Vocals
Studio:  Vocals, keyboards.

Andrew is the youngest member of the band, but, don’t let that fool you.  He is a solid rhythm guitarist, but, also plays keyboards quite well.  Andrews vocals are a highlight … he is heavily involved in chorus and has made district, regional, and an alternate for states, which is quite an accomplishment.  His passion for music is deep.